Friday, November 13, 2009

Back on Track

Ummmm I definitely went M.I.A. alll week this week... but don't worry, I have been slacking horribly with the picture taking sooo, you haven't missed much! I've been working like a crazy person (doubles galore at the restaurant), I went out to eat alot this week so because I was surrounded by friends, good convos, & of course, good drinks... it slipped my mind to whip out my camera and snap pictures but I can assure you, I ate some wicked good foodage... and I can safely say my running this week has

I definitely don't agree with it. It's lame. BUT....I enjoyed myself alll week with lovely people and (besides drinks) I never went anywhere close to overboard with my choices. I ate good, balanced meals but unfortunately, at times, was soo busy I didn't even have time to eat what I would consider full meals... ENTER: Clif bars, an orchard size amount of apples, Chobani w. cereal, and several salads from work...

OH...and the rest of the week was spent remaining obsessed with Lady GaGa.... and am now in the process of buying tickets to see her in January (well worth the $200+ right??) Ohhh boy...

I won't even try to recap each day since the last time I posted was Monday and my mind can't even handle attempting to remember every little detail but I worked everyday minus Wednesday which I originally wasn't even scheduled for but they needed help so when Lauren at work asked if she could cover it I of course said YES... which at first seemed awesome, until I used the idea of no work the next day as a reason to drink a 6-pack of Shocktops to my dome at a bonfire with my coworkers. Ummmmm, pooor form.....

Holy Hangover Batman! Blahhh... and also enjoyed a glass of organic Bonterra wine (or tres!) at a birthday dinner at this amazing Hibachi & Sushi restaurant that just opened in the same plaza as work. Feng is phenom. End of story.

I had the Glazed Chilean Sea Bass entree with orzo and had the Tomyum Clam Soup as an appetizer... both were out of this woooorld good! The soup was a tad spicy (lots of ginger in there) but it was a party of goodies in the bowl: peas, cilantro, oyster mushrooms, peapods, big meaty pieces of clam, and a veryyy yummy broth. My sea bass was amazing and the orzo was cooked perfectly... moist and perfect! Ew..moist.. that word is so weird.

I also joined my brother and nephew for Thursday night musica & staffer pizza at work last night which was fun and as always, delicious. But it may be time by the end of this week to do a little more grocery shopping and get back to cooking at home... my oats this morning were long overdue since I haven't had a good relaxing breakfast more than once this week... I'm usually grabbing coffee & a Clif bar on the way to work (Poor form once again)

I'm also going to be getting back on track with running. The road race is coming up soon and my ankle has had plenty of rest time since my gym trips have been short and sweet (and/or nonexistent...yikes) sooo minus the epic sized heels I've been sporting to dinners out, they should be feeling pretty good for my long run planned for today!

Okay..soo foodage... there was a lot of it, most went unpictured, but here's some of the eats from the week:

MorningStar Mushrooms Lovers burger in WW wrap with avocado, lettuce, & tomato
Amy's Organic Cream of Tomato Soup

All together for lunchtime

My Mom's Tarragon Turkey and Barley soup

Ohhh Hello empty Teddie, I have a brill idea!

Delectable per usual

Hated every minute of it...

1 egg, 1 egg white scrambled with All Natural cheddar on 9-grain...
with lots of organic ketchup...

Typical picture of my work/gym bag before leaving in the a.m....
Honeycrisp, Clif bar, and a wrap...
With a side of really cute & warm yellow scarf & running shoes :)
Long overdue oats with 1 cup water, 1/2 cup oats, 1 naner, 1 tbsp PB, crushed grahams, lots of cinnamon...

Today is my day off *Thank youuuu Lord!* and it will be spent doing the things I couldnt do most of the week because I had zero energy or extra time... including GYM first and foremost, tons of laundry, maybe a little clothes shopping & definitely some food shopping (we're out of coffee in this house and it's about to cause a tantrum... for some of us), picking up my paycheck!, and some much needed yoga & good eats will be had!

Hope you're all as happy as me that this week is coming to an end...phew! Happy Friday lovepies!!!!! :)


  1. sometimes we all just need a week off :) welcome back!

  2. I missed you!! Sounds like you've been having fun :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. hope you enjoyed the day off! missed your posts girl :) glad you are enjoying lifee


  4. just watchedf that whole lady gaga vid..thanks for posting BTW I havent seen the vid yet! she is quite crazy but LOVE that song...its so catchy she has a way of making the catchiest music! what a great artist

    lovin that teddie jar!

  5. Dude, Gaga is crazy. I just have to say it. But she also seems very, very talented. Thanks for posting the video.

  6. Just came across your blog :)

    I just watched the whole video, and the ending is traumatizing :p
    She's so...unique? (Let's not say crazy, lol)

  7. hope you enjoyed your day off!! :)


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