Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's December Already!?

Hello strangers! :) I'm very sorry I ducked out on you lovelies for a while there... my life has just been a whirlwind of craziness. I literally haven't had a moment to gather my thoughts (and especially zero thoughts about snapping pictures of my foodage) for the past ohhh, month?? But I think I'm finally getting everything together...

My stress level has been through the roof and I just recently have made some very big changes that have required even MORE time from me than I have.....

I'm going to keep most of the facts to myself because they're personal but I can assure you it's nothing too serious. I'm getting myself back on track as best I can and keeping my head up because there's zero time in my life for anything else. But I'm wicked excited to get back into the groove of things (as long as everything else can be maintained!) and I know I've missed sooo much that has been going on with everybody but I hope you're all getting in the Christmas spirit!!!! :)

Christmas is my absolute favorite... the music, decorating the tree, SNOW (which we got plenty of this weekend), family time, the smells... baking, evergreen, the fire... ahhh I could go on forever. I wish Christmastime never had to end... and I'm pretty sure we're getting our tree picked out today which I'm super happy about!

What's your favorite thing about Christmas??

What are you putting on your wish-list this year??


  1. Favorite things about Christmas = the family time and decorations/tree.

    On my wish-list this year = to be in the healthiest state of mind and body as possible.

  2. Favorite thing about Christmas - presents. I'm not going to lie!

    I hope everything calms down for you soon :)

  3. good to hear from you! i understand- things get busy..i've bene super busy as well :) & i'm jewish but LOOVE christmas time because it is so happy and the music is awesomee haha


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