Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis the Season :)

Hello, hello lovebugs! How is your weekend so far? I got to enjoy my first day off all week today.. I've been going nonstop at work with minimal extra time left over for anything besides sleeping so I can get up and do it alll over again. It's physically exhausting and my body has been feeling the effects.

I've been lacking on my gym trips because of it which I absolutely hate with a passion. Unlike those who despise going to the gym & working out, I have to in order to feel well physically. I start to feel soooo just....EW if I don't haha. Not sure if that makes sense??? But I'll feel more exhausted if I go a few days without getting my blood pumping at the gym. I finally had a chance to get a good 3 mile run in today but boy, was it difficult! My feet felt heavy, my shins were wicked tight, and I was much more tired than usual...

OH not to mention I got in a tiny, tiny fender bender on the way home from lunch with my girlfriend today following the gym... YAY. Thankfully, the cop was a doll and let me off easy even as I said "Ohhh I was SO stupid for not looking!" he was quick to assure me "Noooo, no! It happens all the time at this spot. People make mistakes." I flashed a smile and bam!... verbal warning. I love being a girl ;) HA!

Anywayyyy... I think the lack of posting and capturing my daily eats with my camera has affected my habits in that area too. I've been more lenient that I usually am. A little more pizza at work... mucho glasses of wine after hours with my coworkers & beer drinking with my girlfriends... it all adds up to where I'm at now. Ugh.. haha. Luckily I think it was just a little phase but I'm definitely going to be making the extra effort to keep on top of my eating & working out regardless of how crazy my work schedule is.. (Hey, there's always time for a 20 minute yoga session, right? I miss Dawnelle anyway...)

Just to sum up what's been happening besides working my little life away day after day... I've been baking like a crazy person:

Blueberry Buckle with Streusel Topping for Work

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Ganache Topping for a dinner party I went to

Getting in the holiday spirit with Iced Sugar Christmas cookies :)

My eats have mostly consisted of the regular (minus a cookie or two here and there... uhhhh what?) Hey, whatever. Oatmeal on the reg are still occuring for most breakfasts and I love love love it :) I've been drinking absurd amounts of holiday tea, snacking on Clif & Luna bars especially at work when I don't have time for a real meal, eating my weight in sushi... NO lie I'm totally serious about this... I think I have an addiction, roasted veggies, cereal, and organic salads at work...

Multigrain Arnolds Thin with Teddie PB, Honeycrisp slices, & cinnamon

My new fav flavor for the Christmas season

Salmon Avocado Roll

Miso soup from the store...not half bad, actually! And definitely a quick & easy go-to lunch

Godiva Hot Chocolate has been a God send this past week

Holyyyy yum :) so festive in my special Xmas mug

Kashi Go Lean & Smart Start = phenom combo in the A.M. let me tell ya

Vanilla Chobani with cinnamon, a little PB, and Kashi

Hope you darlings are all really excited for the holidays coming up! I can't believe Christmas is basically here. I attempted to finish up my shopping at the mall after work yesterday and it was a bad choice... after driving around and around to search for a sub par parking space I waited in endless lines to buy presents, dealt with rude employees & even worse shoppers... Thankfully I'm just about done minus a few last minute purchases!

My brother was smart and did ALL of his Christmas shopping online, never having to step foot in a crowded store or wait in a single line. I'm starting to wish I had done the same!

What are your family traditions for the holiday season??

In my family we celebrate Xmas morning opening presents around our tree & always make cinnamon buns for breakfast then head to my Gramma's for MORE presents & Christmas dinner. I'm really excited because this year we're doing a big Christmas Eve dinner at my house with my whole family which I'm sure will be absolutelyyyy delicious :)

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  1. Hey girl! I've missed ya!
    I'm the same way about the gym. I feel run down and tired when I miss a workout. I'm sure things will get back on track for you after the holidays.
    Enjoy the snow!


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