Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jiggity-jig Hee-haw Hee-haw

Thursday already?? This week is flying by per usual... I feel like it was just summer last week and there's already snow on the ground and Christmas is 2 weeks away! I'm soo excited that it's the holiday season once again. I'm definitely putting "baking Christmas cookies" on my to-do list for today... along with blaring Dominic the Donkey while doing so...

Today's been a much needed day of relaxation since it's my day off. Yesterday was pretty lame at work due to the first snowstorm of the season. It was easily one of the most boring days ever ugh and it just seemed to drag on and on and on until I finally got cut at 530 and was released into the bar (yay!)

After having a Cabin Fevah with my friend from work we were both reallyy hungry and so, per usual, we headed over across the plaza to Feng for sushi... I got the most amazing Panko Tuna ever. I swear.. I will dream about this for days and days.
I had two Mich Ultras and was ready for BED and woke up this morning with tons of energy, ready for the gym where I ran a quick 3 miles, did a 20 minute workout on the elliptical, and did 15 or 20 mins of strength training... Followed by one of these bad boys:
I couldn't figure out what I wanted for lunch and knowing we had ZERO yummy lunch food in the fridge at home I made a stop at Stop & Shop and loaded up on the salad bar... Minus dressing because all they had was the fake gross stuff. Instead I waited til I got home and drizzled a little Annie's Lite Honey Mustard on top (of course)

Baby spinach, lettuce mix, mushrooms, black olives, shredded carrots, chicken, chick peas, & a sprinkle of feta... along with a hefty scoop of melon & strawberries

The rest of the day is looking pretty nice and consisting of laundry, baking, cleaning ....and/or skipping out on ALL those things and spending some high quality time in my sweatpants and watching Wife Swap ummmm, what??? We'll see where the day takes me...

Hope you darlings are having a lovely week so far and especially hope you're getting all of your holiday shopping done! I've only been able to cross ONE person off my list so far so I've got some work to do still.

Are you a last minute shopper for the holidays or do you plan ahead and get everything done before the crazies come out on Xmas Eve??


  1. The tuna looks delish!
    I'm a planner with Christmas and just about everything else. I'm done with my shopping! I did it all online too so no crazy mall madness for me.

    Enjoy your cookies!

  2. i love naked juices :) they are really good! the pumpkin protein one is my favorite. i am such a last minute shopper but when i have my own family (hopefully one day..not anytime soon!_)/am out of college i'll be more on top of it i think haha.

    good luck w/ everything!!


  3. I'm so bad about Christmas shopping and always wait until the last minute. This is so dumb of me too because I HATE crowds at the mall!

  4. i cant do everything last minuate-ill stress!! haha but being in college in kina slackin this year


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