Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've never met a brownie I didn't like

Today, while out for my morning run around the pond, I was praying I wouldn’t get struck by lightning (lovely) as the dark clouds started crawling in. Ugh… the ONLY good thing about rain is that it creates a good day to stay inside and get those things done that we put off for, surprise surprise, a “rainy day” aka those things we don’t ever WANT to do but have no excuse not to once it’s dark as night out at 2pm.

So I got those things done… laundry, my internship paper, grocery shopping, blah blah… and then got to the fun part: the baking. One of my best friends, Luna, is home from San Francisco for the month of August and, as she can always be counted on to do, is throwing a fun little pool/pot-luck party at her new house which, of course, made me SO happy when I realized I get to bake something extra delicious to bring with me. Now, small-town girl Luna has officially become a full blown fashion model in CA and about to take off to Korea for 2 months for work through Ford (so so happy for her!) which inspired me to make a delicious but still somewhat healthy and light dessert to bring so that she (and the other guests) can enjoy the sweetness but not have to worry about working it off (prior to leaving the States in Lu’s case).

Me with Lu (on right) at the most perfect town-y bar you could ask for (yikes)

After going through endless different ideas, I settled on none other than brownies. Who doesn’t like a rich, moist, and fudgy brownie? The only thing that can make it better is a glaze on top. My preference is either white chocolate or peanut butter with brownies because both compliment them so well. I also never mind a sprinkle of nuts inside but not everyone is too keen on those. So I’m going to keep it basic… Fudgy Healthy Brownies with a light peanut butter marble for just a hint of flavor? I’m leaning towards it… Pictures & recipe will follow!

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