Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn, How I've Missed You

My favorite season is officially here! :)
I know I've said it at least ten times but I love love love Fall... every little thing about it. Once Fall hits, I'm probably the happiest girl you'll ever see 99.9% of the time.

Once the leaves start changing.. the cooler air comes in... there's pumpkin and apple picking.. Autumn inspired coffees (& pumpkin ale isn't bad either) and all of the Halloween decor comes out in stores, I turn into a kid all over again!

What's your absolute favorite thing about the Fall?
Mine would probably have to be the colors...
Oranges, reds, browns, yellows & everything in between :)

Moving on to my day yesterday...
I'm proud to say I had one productive Monday. Because I'm not a regular 9-5er and I'm still doing the waitress thing.. I'm lucky enough to get a more flexible schedule. Even though I'm "full-time" the hours and days are always different and I feel like I have enough down time to do all the things I need to...

After my yummy brunch of PB & J oatmeal yesterday I wasn't hungry again until maybe 4pm... too early for dinner... early enough for Puffins w. skim according to yours truly.
I'm obsessed with this cereal... yes I'm obsessed with ALL cereals in general, but PB Puffins were sent from Heaven.
Case closed.
The rest of the day consisted of the usual boring house chores:

Cleaning my room - this was somewhat similar to Katrina aftermath.. seriously.

Attacking Mt Everest aka my clothes pile (which I did successfully without being swallowed whole by my laundry) I survived!!!

Making dinner for the fam - quick & easy roasted veggies with WW rigatoni and my fav marinara... nothing fancy but it did the trick (& I tried my portabella Veggieballs I bought the other day - very yummy if you're a mushroom lovah)

Running 4 miles with JillyBean aka Ma Dukes - because I was recovering from being sick & Jilly hadn't gone running in about a month she said, we took a few power-walking "breaks" on the bigger hills of my route but I did make her sprint the rest of the way once we caught sight of the car (which she later said she was happy I made her do.. though at first she wanted me dead.)

Followed immediately by a grocery store trip!

I only had a few essentials on my list: bananas, pears, my beloved Granny Smiths (I just can't quit you bebes), yogurt, & cereal...

And came out with a NEW one to try that I've seen repeatedly on your bloggies!:

Can't wait to try it in my next yogy-mess! :)

Along with a snacky-poo pick-up:
I've heard alot about these too and 100 cals/5 fat cals per serving? I'll take it!

Dinner was easy like I said....
WW rigatoni
2 Franklin Farms Portabella VeggieBalls (yummy!)
Hefty portion of roasted veggies.. all the best kinds (squash, asparagus, baby carrots, onions, & zucchini) I think a little eggplant added in would have been even better.. I love the way roasted eggplant melts in your mouth

I tried out the Vita-tops for dessert with a little plain FF yogurt:
Warmed up in the micro for just a few seconds and holyy bajeeeze... this is going on my late night snack list ;)
I chose the BlueBran flavor but which ones are your favorites??

This morning was a yogy mess like no other:
I've been limiting my dairy as much as I can because of this GD cold (minus ice cream out the wahzoo at the Big-E but cha know...) so I was reallyyy looking forward to this little taste of happiness...

In the big blue mug of joy:
1/2 c. plain Organic yogurt
1 banana
Tbsp melted Teddie PB
Bearly Naked Fruit & Nut granola
PB Puffins biotch.

Helloooooo breakfast!

Nom-nom-aste. ;)

The rest of the day holds:
***4 miles for moi
***20-min power yoga session
***Quality time in the kitchen for cookie baking.. It's gloomy out & I haven't baked in a couple days & feel a little "off" ... is that weird? I just LOVE baking.. the smell that fills the house and seeing the faces on my friends & fam when they bite into something I've made warm out of the oven gives me the best feeling in the world :) I'm leaning towards chocolate chip.. it's always good to revisit a classic and spice it up a bit, no?

QUESTION: Can you pick just ONE favorite baked good??
To me it's almost impossible!! My sweet tooth is out of control, for serious.
Have a lovely Tuesday all you pretty things!! :)

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  1. Don;t think it's possible to pick a favorite baked good! I just tried--and now I'm just really hungry and in the mood to bake! haha



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