Monday, September 28, 2009

Tilapia Salad & New Product Taste Test

Good Evening Darlings!
Hope none of you had a case of the Mondays today and had a good start to the new week... I can't believe today was the last Monday in September! October came so fast... I'm hoping Fall sticks around longer than summer seemed to.

I always try to designate Mondays for errands & other productive activities.

So I went to the bank, the grocery store, did some laundry, paid some bills, caught up on what all of you out there have been doing with yo damn-selves ;), and spent a good 2 hours at the gym.

40 mins. on the treadmill + a 5 min. cooldown
430 calories burned / 3.6 miles

20 mins. on the elliptical (Cardio setting) + a 5 min. cooldown
approx. 200 calories burned

I pushed myself (especially my legs) today in the weight room and feel GREAT even now! :)

Made sure to stretch really well today since I've been slacking in that area *slap on the wrist* To be honest, I'm usually a stickler for excessive stretching out before & after even minor workouts.. but it slips my mind when I drive 15 mins. to the gym and then run errands for about an hour afterward. Once I finally get back home I'm SO ready for a shower that I've just gone about my day without realizing it.

Moving On.....

Munched on a juicy pear after leaving the gym:
It helped keep me from gnawing my own arm off from hunger until I finished my food shopping (where I picked up these two snack-a-roos seen below) and got home...
I haven't tried the Mojo bars yet !
Is this a thumbs up or thumbs down flavor??

Lunch was heaven sent as I was ready to fall over, no lie...
BBQ Pulled "Pork" sandwich on Arnolds sammy-thin

AND made a batch of Sweet Potato fries to go alongside it....
Annie's Lite Honey Mustard dressing for dipping..

450 degrees for 1/2 an hour with a little paprika, salt, EVOO, and loooooove and these babies came out muy perfecto!

So I finally got to try this out. I'd been meaning to for a while but just wasn't craving it until today... on the way home from my errands I could see a picture of it dancing in my head practically.
MY Review:
Very good!!!
-- I honestly couldn't tell the difference between this meat-free version and the real thing...
-- It wasn't lacking in flavor what-so-ever which made me happy because that's what originally made me nervous when purchasing it....
-- There's about 2 servings in one box so I had enough to save another sandwich-worth portion for leftovers! (Be prepared to see those tomorrow :) Holy yum!)
-- Didn't even need any extra toppings!!
I definitely recommend it to all - meat-free eaters & meat-lovers alike!

Snacktime! #1
Nature's Promise version of Triscuits with a Lite French Onion Laughing Cow cheese

Dinner was just kinda thrown together but ended up being a success... I had bought a tilapia filet on sale and still hadn't been able to find a good, simple recipe to use.

SO...using my instincts... I threw together a bunch of veggies (can't go wrong here) and sauteed them with a little EVOO
Black olives
Sweet corn
Chopped Mushrooms

Sprinkled the tilapia with salt & pepper and then added it to the skillet... topped with the veggies and served it on a bed of baby spinach with a sprinkle of almonds, parmesan cheese, & shredded basil
With a drizzle of lemon juice on top it was a QUICK & delish dinner fix.

What's white fish without white wine? ;)
Andddd ONE more time.... for your viewing pleasure

I swear there's fish under all that mess!

Skip ahead an hour later and my trusty sweet tooth kicked in, per usual...

So I headed to the kitchen to find something and found this perched on the counter:
Billie giving me that "Are you REALLY going for dessert right now?" look.... ahhh, maybe she's right...

OH WELL!!!! ;) haha
Sorry to disappoint Billie-kins!
Snack #2 (a bangin one at that!)
Naner stuffed with Dark Chocolate Dreams? Yes, please!

And now here I am... becoming more and more convinced everyday that I am indeed, an old lady on the inside.... My proof? Exhibit A:
Family Circle??? Really? REALLY?

I can't lie... it's a good read.. especially with a bowl of Honey Sunshine.. can you say SNACK FIEND???? That's numba 3 people...

Question for you lovahs:
What do you tend to grab when your craving for a late night snack kicks in??

I wanna mix it up a bit - I'm a cereal or fruit kinda gal but it can actually get kinda boring after a while!! Any good ideas for healthy, quick fixes?


  1. wow what an intense gym workout girlie! props :)

    mm that pulled BBQ sammie looks fabulous. & and course I am totally loving the banana stuffed with pb :)

  2. That pretzel mojo bar is hands down my fave bar right now! I hope you love it! And I'm so bad about stretching. The only time I stretch is in yoga.

  3. popcorn is usually my snack of choice :)

    i love Mojo bars, but haven't tried that flavor yet!

  4. i agree with brandi, popcorn is usually my go to snack...or a piece of fruit :) or an oreo on a bad day haha


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