Thursday, September 24, 2009

In Love...

....With my NEW peanut butter!!

Say I'm behind the times and I'm probably the last person to catch onto this but I purchased my first jar of PB&Co's Dark Chocolate Dreams today and yes, I'm in love. More like infatuated, really... because I can tell I'm going to want this in, on, or around everything I eat from now on.

Why does it have to be so GD good??
Can't wait to try it on toast and even better... my breakfast oats/yogurt messes!! :)

Speaking of breakfast.. I had a delicious concoction for my fav meal of the day before leaving for a grueling double at work.

In my bowl:
1/2 c. plain Stonyfield yogurt
1/2 c. Special K
1/2 c. Kashi Honey Sunshine
1 naner

Ohhh Honey Sunshine.... I didn't know how I felt about this at first but now I love it!! I even had it for dinner tonight too with a little milk! No picture because my brain was fried and forgot about it + 10 hrs. straight of racing around feeding other people left me ravenous by the time I got home... I gobbled up a bowl before I could snap a pic...ooops!

Come together...right my belly ;)

(Yes I had to switch bowls.. the first one wasn't big enough to handle my ginormous morning appetite.. its whateva)

Perfect morning fuel to last me through my first shift...

My stomach started growling again around 1-ish so I had a Bartlett pear to hold me over

Once break time hit I was sooo ready for a Panera lunch trip..
It's in the same plaza as work so it was only MEANT to happen :)

I did the 1/2 sandwich + 1/2 soup combo:

Creamy Tomato Soup - awesome... warm, comforting, and there were a few tasty breadcrumbs on top yum yum! perfect for dipping the sandwich too.
Sierra Turkey - I would have preferred a wheat bread of some kind but just ordered it directly off the menu because I was multitasking on my phone at the same time (that's what I get for not paying attention!) but the actual sandwich was great... toasty with turkey, spicy mustard, red onion, ripe tomato, and lettuce.
With an apple on the side of course.

After lunch I still had a good 1/2 hour to kill (we get hour long breaks when working doubles - saweeeet) so I headed over to Shaw's to see what goodies I could pick up...

Adina organics drinks caught my eye...
I used to LOVE the Starbucks bottled frappe drinks you could buy at gas stations and other stores but wanted something I could feel better about drinking..
I'm definitely trying this tomorrow morning in place of my regular coffee :)

A new Clif bar I haven't tried yet!

How do you guys rate this flavor??

Dinner was lame... not to me, of course, because I could have cereal for every meal of the day for the rest of my life but I had no patience to cook something photo-worthy.

Dessert required bringing out my newly purchased DCD jar :)
A tablespoon of this stuff with a small Honeycrisp apple and holyyy out of this world!!!!

It's official... this has become the most dangerous thing I have in my house.
You're very crafty new chocolate lovah of mine...

I'm going to have to be extra careful around you.

But I'm pretty sure you've already stolen my heart *sigh*

Well... as I've come to realize over the past few days I am indeed an Ol' Lady and I'm ready to have some quality time with my extra comfy bed and my Vicky's PJ pants are looking mightyyy inviting right now :)

Plus I want lots of sleep so I can have a great run tomorrow morning... and I'm psyched for it!! No lie :)

I bid you Adeu darlings! Have a beautiful evening!!


  1. yum, I love that peanut butter. their cinnamon raisin one is really good, too.

  2. Hey, I just found your blog! Hope your run went well :) Donno if you're tried Mighty Maple.. but that's even better in my opinion :):)

  3. hope you had a great run!!

    i've never tried dark choc. dreams but it sounds amazing from what i hear!!

    ethiopian coffee is mmm mm good!!


  4. Man, Dark Chocolate Dreams is totally dangerous in my household too. It's just too good!


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