Friday, September 25, 2009

An Uber-Productive Friday :)

This is gonna be an uber-quickie post (inapprop, haha) because I made plans with two of my girlfriends to meet for drinks & the Red Sox v. Yankees game up in the center of town and the game starts at 7pm! Ahhh.. rush time! P.S. GO SOX!!!!!

Anyway... ULTRA productive day today :)
and those are my favorite kind, how quaint...

Started with a 20-min Core Strengthening Yoga session in the a.m.
(which my abs are still hating me for but it feels awesome)

Followed by a yummy breakfast...
Hello, Hello Big Blue Mug ;)
1 c. water
1/2 c. oats
1 tbsp. pumpkin butter! I just cant get enough!!!
Handful of raisins - 2 tbsp or so
Pumpkin pie spice

With the Adina Ethiopian Espresso drink...
110 Cal/20 Fat Cal
Not too sweet which I liked.. very strong flavor and was gone in a matter of minutes
One word: PHENOM... as if I don't use it enough.

After breakfast I was determined to make today the day I crack down on my gym search!

It's starting to get chillier and runs outside are going to become less and less frequent as a result... so I went to the nearest Planet Fitness (about 15 mins away, not bad!)


I paid NOTHING today...
....filled out some paperwork
....had the start up fee of $99 waived
...I dont know if the gym guy thought my awesome braided pony & matchy shorts & tank were uber cute but apparently it was waived... could have been a simple special but I'm gonna go with the prior because I like it better... HA!

$20 per month for unlimited use (its 24 hours during the week)
1/2 price cooler drinks
Free tanning (I dont fake-n-bake anymore but its pretty cool they include this!)
Massage chair use
AND you can bring one guest each time you come (Hey Jilly... youre my new gym partner!)

So I got a great workout in:
40 mins. on the treadmill - 2.4 miles approx?
Walked 1/2 mile at 5.0 incline; Ran the rest
approx. 300 calories later I'm feeling good and go to push up the incline and OH look out, you just touched the STOP button. Cute.
Enter image: Me. PISSED... starting over.

10 more mins of walking at an incline and I figured that was enough of this bogus machine for the day...

25 mins on the elliptical (Cardio) - 5 min. cooldown
Burned about 200 calories.

Then proceeded to reunite with the weight machines I've missed so very much for another 20 mins or so... *sigh* I feel like the piece of me that was missing is now back :)

Snacked on this UBER-delish apple post-gymtime:

Headed to the grocery store since I was right down the road and have needed a few things for awhile...

And put this uber-healthy concoction together at the ensalada bar:

Yum yum...
Marinated veggies
Shredded carrots
Roasted red pepper pieces
Few pieces of fruit

*The dressings were all fake and gross so I opted to leave it dry & used my NEW dressing to give it some flavahhh!*

The loveliest sight I ever did see....


Picked up tons of things:
Fruits (bananas, grapes, pears)
Veggies (Red peppers, avocado, sweet potatoes, red onions, tomatoes)
Amy's soups
Tilapia (on sale! yummm!)
Laughing Cow cheese
Nature's Promise crackers
Stonyfield FF Frozen Yogurt After Dark Chocolate ;) sound uber-sexual doesn't it? haha
NP Multigrain bread
Annie's Lite Honey Mustard Dressing
Chobani yogurts

2 new bars in the mix:
Can't wait to try them!!!! Especially the Honey Graham Z-bar.. I haven't found this anywhere else until now!

CHOBANI bonanza!

Strawberry, Peach, & Blueberry
Which flavors are your favs??

Totally thought of the loverly girl over at Gliding Calm when I bought this!!
You are one SMART shopper, chica!!! This was perfection on my salad :)
Definitely my new fav dressing...

A few Amy's soups which I'm a newbie too, also...
Especially excited about the Cream of Tomato...mmm

Is there anything better than a Grilled Cheese & Tomato sandwich with a bowl of Tomato soup???!

Need my fruits in the hizzouse....

Random find!
Looks yummy... worth a shot right?
I LOOOOVE pulled pork but the long hours in the crockpot and the extra unneeded calories just don't thrill me when it comes to the real thing so I'm uber-psyched to try this out...

TGIF!...hope you all have a fun night, whatever you're doing!! Celebrate a little! The work week's over and you all deserve it!!!!!

I'll be uptown having a delicious wheat beer with a twist of orange & swooning over J. Varitek in baseball pants with my girlies ;) TMI? Eh, its whateva

Later uber-lovely darlings!


  1. YEAH YEAH YEEEEEEEEAH! THAT DRESSING IS SOOOO BOMBING!! I'm glad you liked it too! I found the big bottle at WF and almost peed myself! Wait, that's disgusting! Anyways, I was super dum-diddly excited!!

    thanks for the shout out gurrrrrrrrl!

    happy Saturday!!! :)

  2. i LOVE this foooodie post!! WHERE do you get the Adina coffee drinks!?!? I want to try it sooooo bad!! Congrats on finding a gym you enjoy!! woohooo to being super productive on a friday, that's sooo hard sometimes :) I hope last night was CrAzY fun chica!!

  3. =D i loveeeeeeeeeeee honey mustard! imust try this dressing! LOL!

    i love the vanilla. i want to try peach!


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