Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Copy-Cat Foodage *Shhhh*

Oy veyyy am I tired today!

I feel like lounging in my comfies allll day long...

But of course.. we can't have that now can we? There's too many things that need to get done.. per usual. At least it's HUMPDAY!! The week's halfway over and the weekend is just around the corner :) I'm actually forward to tomorrow more than the weekend because we're having our Making Strides benefit at work. I'm really excited to see how much money we raise for breast cancer research & we even made T-Shirts with the names of friends, family members, loved ones who have been diagnosed and battle with breast cancer. I included one of my best friend's mother's because she has been like a second Mom to me ever since I was young... her daughter and I have been friends & neighbors for years until she moved to San Francisco to pursue her modeling career... (she's making AMAZING progress!)

We're also participating in the Walk for Breast Cancer next weekend which I'm really excited for too... it's such a good cause and any little thing we can do to help is an awesome opportunity.

Ok so... onto the copy-cat foodage...

I've seen SO many good eats on all of your bloggies lately that I've been dying to try for myself. So basically.. the past two days have been a taste test of what you have been enjoying yourselves! :) I saw this Banana-Coconut oatmeal deliciousness yesterday on Tyler's blog and instantly decided this HAS to be breakfast today.

Absolutely delectable... I never thought to use coconut in my oats before *slaps herself* WHY oh Why didn't I think of it!? I love coconut flavored anything... added to my favorite breakfast food and OoOo-la-la!! Tyler.. you're genious!
1 cup water
1/2 cup Quaker oats
1 naner sliced (1/2 cooked in the oats, the other 1/2 on top)
Dollop of MaraNatha smoooooth PB!

A must try if I do say so myself!!!

Then it was time to pack snicky-snacks for work time....
All of the above was devoured over the couple hours I spent at work selling Flatbread like it was goin outta style... I sold an order of our "Special Salad" featuring local Goat cheese, Asian pear slices, dried cranberry mix, & a homemade cranberry-raspberry balsamic vinegarette to EVERY table. ;) Your girl has persuasion skills.... aka I start drooling when I talk about this salad to my tables, they see the drooling action, & want to feel that same reaction haha... at least that's what I assume.

It wasn't that busy though... especially not busy enough for FOUR people on staff.. I ended up making a mere $30 in tips, but I got cut early and for once was pretty happy about it. That meant an earlier trip to the gym! :)

Changed into my awesome workout gear... and proceeded to run 2.8 miles (not my best but still something!) I think I may have tired myself out earlier than expected though because I decided last minute to do some interval speeds... I'm not usually one of these people but I figured hey, I've got some energy built up today... let's give it a go! So I did:

~15 minute power walk at an incline to warm up my stems ;)
~10 minute run at 6.0
~5 minute run at 7.0
~4 minute run (more of a jog) at 5.8
~1 minute of full on sprinting
~35 minutes of tirednessss

I felt pretty good afterwards and got a lot of leg work in... me and the Leg Press are BFF these days.. & I've been able to up my weight on the machines gradually every week or so without overdoing it which feels great.

Copy-Cat dinner time... I saw Naomi's tuna quesadilla & fell in love... After making it myself I realized it was even more heavenly when you get to taste test it :)

1 Cedar's whole wheat wrap
3/4 can of white albacore tuna
Chopped celery & red onion
2 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
Sliced tomatoes
1 Slice reduced-fat American cheese

Cooked with just a light coating of non-stick cooking spray and this was warm, deliciousness... I would definitely make this again in a second! Naomi, thank you for this little bit of heaven in a recipe !

Then I went out for a drink (more like 1/2 a drink...) with three girlfriends.. got to our destination with girlfriend #1 to find girlfriends #2 & #3 WASTED already... Come to find out the biotches were having a fun-filled day that started at 3pm!!!!! Bravo drunkies.

Now... I would be a total hypocrite if I said I hadn't done the day-drinking event once or twice in college, but I couldn't handle more than 1 or 2 drinks these days (or on a rare occasion, maybe 3 or 4!) sooo needless to say it was an entertaining night that ended about half an hour after it started when it was time to bring the drunkie girlfriends home.. I guess no drinks tonight!

I woke up thankful for that though this morning...
Nothing is worse than waking up with a headache..ugh!

So I did a 20 minute Detox Yoga session using my new Yogamat (thanks again Jilly!) which I actually had to struggle with just a bit. My muscles felt very tight which was definitely not making life easier... but by the end I felt better for doing it. Not to mention it will make me feel more prepared physically for the gym later!

Then had the regular.... Hazelnut coffee with a splash of Silk creamer

Alongside what was going to be a repeat breakfast from yesterday until I discovered ZERO bananas in my household!!!! Noooo!

So I settled for strawberries...
I added some slivered almonds this time but prepared the oats the same way as yesterday...

Oatmeal always seems to be the best breakfast when you have tons of things ahead and zero motivation to do the majority of them... it's also the best breakfast when there are hurricane winds outside!!!! It looks like the trees are going to fall over right now!
Miss Gliding Calm's post made me think about comfy clothes (maybe thats why I don't want to get out of them today!) and I'm thinking of heading to the mall for a long overdue trip to get some cute new Fall things... I'm thinking scarves, oversized sweaters & cardigans, and a cute new pair of Fall boots!

What are some of your essential Fall pieces of clothing/accessories?? I need some ideas! :)


Where are the best stores to shop at for your favorite Fall attire?

And I'll leave you with one more picture of my amazing breakfast....
Mmmmmmmm..... :)

Happy Humpday Darlings!


  1. i LOVE lounging around in comfies allll day- don't you wish we could do it everyday? ahhh that would be the life!

    your eats look delish- i have yet to try the banana coconut oatmeal and think i need to do so asappppp!

    fall clothes are my FAV!!!!! a few good scarves and an amazing pair of boots are essential! i am a boot freak!

  2. thanks for the shout out, lovely!

    yours looks delectable indeed!

    your oats look delish I think I shall be doing a little copy catting of my own from your eats!

    Fall essentials, where do I begin?? well uggs
    beacyes yes I whip out the uggs on a cold fall day. A fab scarf, or 2 for sure!

    OMG hurricane winds here too!!

    enjoy your day pretty lady!!

  3. I am so proud of you for doing the walk for breast cancer! Way to go girl! Hmm scarves are definite fall staple in my wardrobe along with the very popular cardigan. Hit up J crew fo sho and of course forever 21 for some cheap scarves & other accessories.

  4. OOH NEW BOOTS! If you decide to purch I hope you share a pic with us. :)
    Your work project sounds amazing. So personalized. I mean, how many lives are you changing with that? Good for you girl.
    I love comfies too! That's all I wear on the wknd. LOVES shopping at anthro and jcrew for nice basics to last forever and forever21 for everything else :)


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