Friday, October 2, 2009

Tired but happy :)

First things first... Naomi's having her FIRST giveaway!!! So get on over there and check it out! :)

Onto my current state: My legs ache... my feet hurt... my face is numb from smiling so much at customers (comes with the job if you're a waitress).. and I just COULDN'T sleep in as hard as I tried, but I'm a happy girl :)

Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life but I loved it!!

I worked a very long double followed by a very short gym session followed by a very well-deserved 11pm dinner of cereal.. Kashi Honey Almond Flax, to be exact... and skim milk & a ridiculously pleasant night's sleep. *Sigh*

Don't you love how some days that are jam-packed with appointments, meetings, errands, & other to-do's make you feel HAPPY rather than stressed beyond your wildest dreams?? The accomplished feeling you get afterwards just tends to outweight the negative.

This was one of those days where I was more than willing to take on whatever my day threw at me. I got up early and made myself a great breakfast, per usual:
-- FF Stonyfield plain yogurt
-- 1/2 c. PB Puffins (which equals like, FIVE Puffins FYI - these babies are so ginormous)
-- 1/2 c. Kashi Honey Almond Flax
-- Cinnamon
-- Tbsp. Teddie smooth PB (I know - it's prob time to experiment with some different options seeing as how the world of PB is huge & there's so many I want to taste... FLASH FORWARD to my break @ work - I did!!! More on that later...)

Add a coffee to the mix & I'm ready for the first day of October!! And Brrrrrr was it a cold one!
This is what kept a smile on my face alll morning :)
Made a last minute decision to brew my own coffee since I had time before work & hey, who doesn't want to save $2 every once in a while??

I got to work for 11am and was full of energy - I'm talking ready to take tables like nobody's business. I worked hard from 11-2pm when I got a pleasant surprise - a 1-1/2 hour lunch break!

My boss had put an extra person on for the A.M. shift & then realized she didn't need 3 people doing the work that could be done by two so she let me clock out for an extra long break!

So I happily skipped off to breaktime - how quaint - can't you just picture it??? haha

And had myself a yummy solo-lunch @ Cosi (recommended by a friend at work) It's wayy cute inside w/ a similar environment to Panera (that's my shizz) with similar menu items. After being my indecisive psycho self for literally 10 minutes and staring down the menu -

NOTE: Don't go here when starving.... everything sounds too good.

I picked the 1/2 sandwich - 1/2 soup combo (it was still VERY chilly out and I needed a warm option) and got the "Turkey Light" on multigrain flatbread, the tomato-basil soup, & opted for baby carrots instead of chips.
The soup was "Eh" ...simply put. I did love the pieces of tomato in it but the soup overall was too oily for my liking. I had half of it & passed on the rest. Boo!

The sandwich was simple -- turkey, romaine, & homemade spicy mustard but this was the star of lunch! The multigrain flatbread was warm & full of flavor & I absolutely digged the spicy mustard, for serious.
My only complaint on the sandwich was the "1/2" part... the sandwich was pretty tiny and because I didn't like the soup too much, I was craving a little more substance from the sandwich.

Overall.... I'd give Cosi a B... the sandwich was bomb but the soup BOMBED.

I still had time to kill after lunch so I wandered over to Express across the street... saw a few cute things aka Fall cardigans galore :) but besides that, nothing really caught my eye. LAME.

So I spent my money elsewhere...
I tried a free sample of the new instant VIA coffee while I was there & was pretty impressed. It didn't taste like instant to me & I think it's nuts that some guy loved the 'Bucks so much he came up with this.

Today I treated myself to something special too, which I hadn't had in too long:

Dark chocolate covered pretzel rod from Munson's.
I've been craving one for days & you're GD right I nearly caused an accident when I turned to get to them while racing down the road & spotting this glorious chocolate haven!

Just as decadent and delicious as I remember.

STILL had a little more time to kill so I picked up a few things at Shaw's:
- PURE bar because I'm betting all my $$$ this tastes like a blueberry Pop-Tart if Lo knows her breakfast pastries - & I absolutely trust she does!! :)
- New LUNA bar because I've had dreams about the Iced Oatmeal Raisin one I had a mini love affair with a few days ago ;)

- Cantaloupe
- Organic Gala Apples
- Lettuce
- Bananas
- MaraNatha smooth PB!!!!!

Sooo excited to try this!! :)
Don't worry Teddie, you still have a place in my heart...

Went back to work from 4 to 9ish - bustin my behind to stay on top of things - nibbled on a Chocolate Coconut Larabar throughout the night to keep my energy up and left ready for the gym after pocketing $120 in tips total - yayaaaa!!!!

Made it to the gym on the way home @ 930 and got a quick 2.5 mile run in (280 calories SCHOOLED) before my legs decided they were on strike until further notice... I DID work them pretty hard all day.. I'm surprised they could even do that much, not that I blame them. They got me through a long day today and still kept going!

That'll do legs, that'll do.

Cut to 10:45ish and I took a nice hot shower to rid myself of the yummy scent combo of sweat & flatbread pizza, cozied up in the warmest PJ's I could find and put the Big Blue Mug to good use.

Cereal for dinner never fails :)

Then fainted into my ultra heavenly bed afterward - not to awaken until 9:15 this morning (that's "sleeping in" for me) and it felt so great. My legs were definitely craving that rest.

Breakfast was some long overdue oats...
Featuring this pretty thing:
The letdown of the day was finding out I was OUT of my FF Hazelnut creamer....
I used a splash of Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer but blech! As much as I love pumpkin flavored anything... this was not what I wanted this morning.

Perfect Friday fuel...

-- 1 cup water
-- 1/2 cup oats
-- Sprinkle of cinnamon
-- Handful of raisins
-- Chopped Gala apple
-- Sprinkle of almonds
-- Tbsp. Teddie PB!

Now off to be productive on my day off!

On the Agenda:
-- Go to Nationwide to figure out this car insurance thing
-- GYM of course :) I want to get a good run in & now that I rested my abs for a few days I'm ready to get some core strengthening in!
-- Bank trip to deposit some MOOOLAHHHHH ;)
-- CVS for essentials
-- Bake for work tomorrow! I've been promising my co-workers I would bring in one of my concoctions for them for a while... I'm thinking Blueberry Oatmeal Bars ;) (recipe will follow...)
-- Participate in Cookie Friday for sure! :)

....which one am I looking forward to most???
I think you can figure it out.
HINT: Oatmeal Raisin is an addiction.

Happy Friday!!!

Do any of you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

If you participate in Cookie Friday... what is your cookie of choice?


  1. I wanted to do cookie Friday today, but I did froyo instead since our cookie place was out of them! still good :)


  2. I am really excited to try the instant starbucks! Glad to hear its not bad.

  3. I LOVE your blog and am wondering why I haven't read it sooner! I hate oily soups to - why do they feel the need to wreck it by putting garbage in it? Mmm pumpkin pie creamer! They have chocolate mint for xmas time to. Your going on my google reader missy!

  4. Hi Allison!
    I LOVE those creamers. I can't buy them when I'm in the UK so when I come back to the US I go nuts. Vanilla is my favorite but pumpkin sounds perfect this time of year!

  5. thank you my dear for the shout out in your post!!! it is much appreciated, and did I mention, LOVE your blog...I heard about the instant sbux...I am not a huge sbux fan (very strong for me) BUT this would be a great go to to have in my bag!
    that pumpkin pie spice creamer looks delish! I am sure it makes your coffee irrisistable!!


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