Friday, October 30, 2009

Mrs. Varitek

I'm alive.. I swear... I've been all over the place and crazy busy the past few days but have been missing you darlings bunches. And just because I've been too busy to POST doesn't mean I'm too busy to read about all your fab lives and what's been going on! So much exciting news around the blogosphere these days!!!! :)

Natalie closing on her new house...

Kailey getting a fantastic new internship @ Food Arts magazine...
Lo getting a great new job AND possibly another at Lululemon...

Congrats ladies! :)

Hows everyone's Friday going? I can't even explain how happy I am that we've reached the end of another week. Phewww... work + the gym = one sore and exhausted me all week long.

My life since Tuesday has consisted of: working doubles, working lunch shifts that turned into doubles, few drinks here & there... (I enjoy a Chardonnay, what of it??) homemade sushi night with my homies, searching high & low for the missing pieces to my Halloween costume, and getting in major workouts/starting to feel more like myself in the gym :) Although my shins are still bothering me (the right more than the left) I've been trying to rest it when I can, ice as much as possible, and starting today I'm going to wrap it if I'm planning on running. It's tough to give my legs some good R&R when my full-time job requires being on my feet for hours & hours (not to mention RUNNING while on the clock)

I wisely took Friday & Saturday off (woohooooo!) mostly because of Halloween... but now I'm thanking my lucky stars I did so that my legs can get a little break... minus the gym of course, which I'm preparing myself for now...

Just enjoyed some pumpkin oats for breakky...

The only complaint I had this morning with my oats was the fact that there's zero fruit in this house (besides my stash from apple picking, which I'm saving for apple spice muffins!) soI felt as though my breakfast was lacking a little volume.

A sprinkle of whole almonds left me feeling just as full as I do with my regular naner or apple loaded oaties though! Score.

Potential FAIL however is the fact I'm almost out of my beloved Pumpkin Butter *dun dun dunnnn!* What's a girl to do???

I got to try out my new Silk creamer in my coffee this morning though... the French Vanilla's delicious!! I didn't even need any sugar in my java this morning. The creamer adds just enough SMILE I will, Silk carton :)

Currently on giant snowflake cup #2 of the morning...
I'm gonna be a hyper all day today...

Sooo now I suppose it's time to backtrack and catch you lovies up on life para mi :)
I will recap Halloween costume hunting...
And working alongside Simsbury's finest fighters of flames....
And the delicious sue-shaaaay party....

All of which made my extra loooong week a little less slow & painful.

Wednesday morning I woke up needing oats like never before. Pumpkin to be exact... does anyone else see a trend here??

With a sprinkle of brown sugar and dollop of pumpkin butter (& a warm naner mixed in and mashed)

Continued to be the recessionista that I am and packed lunch, per usual....
Gahhhh Iced Gingerbread Clif bar!!! INCREDZ!

Also mixed that Honey Chobani with a spoonful of Teddie PB & packed it alongside some Kashi Warm Cinnamon for a snacky later in the day...
Work was long but eventful, literally. We had an event at work Wednesday night to benefit the volunteer fire department one town over... Simsbury sent us 5 firemen (& one firelady!) to accompany each server for the night when greeting guests, taking orders, and bringing out/clearing food. Good & entertaining times to be had.

They were hilar, first of all... sooo much fun and actually did a very good job. Me and my new bff J.T. the fireman were pure entertainment for our guests... aka J.T. was recognized by all the adults as "the bartender from De Codas (sp? who knows)" but it made for an interesting night hearing stories about his craziness. Ohhh boy.

He was bringing out my food for me, clearing my tables, mackin it on the lady customers, and hanging out with the kids who obvi adored him. Not to mention we were telling each other the whole time: I NEED A BREW PRONTO. The restaurant was packed most of the night because of the benefit so.... firemen = cha-Chinggg$$ in Allio's pocket ;)

We all ended the night with staffer beers (on a Wednesday!!!!! thanks to J.T. sweet talking my manager heyooo) and we lounged with the firemen in the bar.. chatted it up... the majority of us girls inquiring the Gray Fox fireman if he had been told he looks like George Clooney (striking resemblence) ...loved it.

Then it was off to have homemade sushi (say whaat!?) Yes. It was amazing. I went and met some chooches from work... after grabbing both a 6-pack of my beloved Shocktops & a bottle of Chardonnay (I just couldn't make up my mind... & the employees thought I was an alcoholic as I hauled booze to the counter, dropped it off, then went back for more a few times.. ummmm?)

Watched the Yanks LOSE! Hahaaaaaahaha.... and Jeremy proceeded to bring out the first homemade rolll (I WISH I had gotten some pictures because these were perfectly done! My roll was slightly sloppy. FAIL)

I ate my weight in homemade sushi with tuna, lots and lots of avocado of course, crab, cucumber, and a tiny bit of wasabi. I'm such a baby when it comes to spice... blech... I hate spicy things! Watched the game and chatted with the boy-o's while enjoying my brewnana and then midnight rolled around and it was time to hightail it home so I could be up for work again the next morning. Jeeeezum....

Began the morning with a long lost friend...

I can't even remember the last time I had a yogurt mess with cereal & PB for breakfast! I haven't been able to kick my oatmeal addiction in the morning. But this was definitely what I was craving and it was yummyyy as ever!

--1/2 cup Nature's Promise FF Vanilla yogurt
--1/2 cup Kashi Warm Cinnamon
--1/2 cup Kashi Wild Blueberry cereal
--Sprinkle of Cinnamon
--Dollop of Teddie PB

Packed a lunch, per usual...

Giant Honeycrisp...

With a tuna wrap on WW wrap with carrots, dijon mustard, a light spread of Garlic & Herb laughing cow, lots of baby spinach....

I did end up buying a cup of Cream of Tomato soup from Panera to go with my wrap which made for a lovely lunch and kept me full all day.

Work was loooong because of my lack of sleep (my own fault... boo) but it began rather normal. Got in at 11... opened up the restaurant... and things were pretty dead so me and the other two servers Kari & Nicki just enjoyed our morning coffee until the lunchtime rush began.

Once we thought it had "ended" my manager sent both of them on break (at 1:30 mind you) until 4pm! Yes... so I was told I would be the only server on from 1:30-4pm that day. OH not to mention the fact that my manager had very serious business to conduct at the Farmer's Market buying apples. You serious?

Not even ten minutes after everyone left, I got a rush of about seven tables all at once and had to seat them all, greet them within 2 minutes (it's called J&J treatment at FBread... and it's whatever when you're the only server on), get drinks, take orders, bring out food, CHECK said food after 2 minutes of eating, clear tables, clean tables, RESET TABLES, play bartender at the same time.. ummmmm is anyone else realizing the insanity that was my day yesterday????

About two seconds from a panic attack I luckily got help from friend Jeremy the cook (what a doll) otherwise I think I would have had a breakdown. I'm a GOOD SERVER, just FYI... I can usually handle a good amount of craziness all at once but this just happened to be the day that one table wanted our blueberry martinis (which I've made once... about 2 months ago) and a guy who was obvi over 40 ordered a drink but didn't have an I.D.... FAIL... and another table wanted to know if they could buy a bottle of the Amigo hot sauce we serve with our pizza (Ummm, nay?) yes, all of this had to occur the one day I have little to no help and may or may not have been ready to call it quits. HA!

All in all... I look at the postive. I made at least $40-$50 more than the other two that day JUST based on my little solo lunchtime rush. Cha-chingggggg once again!!

Sooo moral of the story? When the going gets tough, the tough get paid ;)

So I got stuck there about 2 hours later than originally planned but once 4pm hit I said PEACE, got dressed, and dragged my ridiculously tired ace to the gym....
And proceeded to pound out a run that felt like the OLD me :) I can't even tell you how happy my workout made me last night... I got in an hour of cardio:

45 minutes on the treadmill / 3.8 miles / 446 calories
15 minutes on the treadmill / 140 calories

Although my right leg was still causing some problems, I was able to spend more than 15 minutes on the tready and that hasn't happened comfortably ONCE this week... :) I'm hoping I can get in a workout similar, if not better, today so I can feel better about the amount of wine I am to consume this weekend whilest playing Mrs. Varitek...

Oh.... didnt I mention I've thrown together my HWeen costume?? ;) Because my Girl Scout idea fell through (estimated date of arrival was Oct. 30th... sorry that won't do) I frantically had to come up with a last minute (& easy) idea for a costume.

Enter my 2nd love next to Anthony: Baseball.

I went to Bob's and got a kid's size Varitek shirt... a new pair of Soffe white shorts... AND bought another pair of Soffe's on clearance ($5!) for running purposes.. and that's it!

I already have my Red Sox hat to match, white & red socks, and matching sneaks... and I'll be sure to sport the badass black streaks on my face. It felt good to have all this Halloween biz-nas completed. Phewww... I was beginning to get nervous there!

When I came home from the gym I was beyond starving and craved oatmeal (luckily finding out afterward that it was National Oatmeal Day!) So happy I celebrated.. ;) and it's very rare that I crave oats for dindin so this was fate I'm convinced.

Did you all celebrate the oat-lovers holiday??

After my dinner of naner-oatmeal with PB I wanted a snacky later on:

Deep Chocolate Vitatop warm and mixed with crushed graham crackers....

It may look horrendous but it was perfect! :)

Crashed shortly after and slept in this morning...ahhh, what a great feeling. Today is jam packed with things to do though!

The plan is....
~Go to the gym
~Finish up laundry/fold/put away
~Thinking of a Whole Foods trip!! (I won a gift certificate at our Breast Cancer benefit @ work about a month ago and have yet to use it!) maybe for lunch??? :)
~Play dress-up, get in my Varitek gear, and get toasty with my lovelies because tonight IS the first night of Halloween celebrating, let's be serious...

What do you all have planned for Halloween?

What are you dressing up as??

Andddd I'm OFF!
Happy Halloween!!!!!


  1. okay loveddd this i was reading, donna summer's "she works hard for the money" popped into my head and now i CANNOT get it out haha

    all of your eats look yummy as usual! wish i could find the clif gingerbread bars around here- no luck so far :(

    have a fabbbbbb halloween- can't wait to see pics!!! xoxo

  2. Yea I do NOT miss waiting tables. At.all. Ugh uh lol. I worked in a bar/restaurant in college (University of Florida) and on football gamedays we would get sat with like 5 tables of 10 all at once. It usually meant big $ but made you want to pull your hair out!

    Last year I had no idea what to be for Halloween so I busted out my kids sized medium Chicago bears jersy and rocked it with some black boy shorts and eye black! Easiest costume there is. Too bad I can't do it two years in a row!

  3. I just found your blog & i must say i'm a big fan! really cute & interesting

    i want some clif gingerbread bars... sound amazing

    hope youll check mine out!!


  4. Yikes! I don't miss being a server at all. At least you made cash money.

    Can't wait to see your Halloween costume.

  5. Holy jeez crazy day at work but so true the tough to get paid =) I have no idea what I am being for halloween but I know I am going out. Silly italians not being to keen on the good ol' h'ween!

  6. wowwza girl! you have been busy you were not kidding!!

    those pumpkin oats look phemon and just in the right time for hallloween!!

    I LOVE that SILK is so naturally sweet i dont need any sweetner in my coffee either, great find!

    and that last oats pics looks anything but horrendous!! I did celebrate natl oatmeal day with oats ina jar!!!

  7. hope you had a fabulous halloween!! sounds like you deserve a fun night!!

    so your pumpkin oaties are totally making me hungry!


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