Monday, October 19, 2009

Just Call Me Betty... Crocker, That Is

Good Morning chickies! :)
Monday is here again... how psyched are you!? Haha...booo!!!!

The good news? Halloween is now less than 2 weeks away! :) Ahhh I'm so excited!!!

This is gonna be a quickie because my plan is to get to the gym as soon as possible, get in a good long workout, and then get up to UConn to see bf after that... I havent had time to go up to visit in over TWO WEEKS! :( And I miss my lovah... so I'm pretty excited for that. Plus my sister's birthday is tomorrow... meaning I have a legit excuse to bake an over-the-top cake aka Coconut Cake (because it's her fav) and you bet there will be pictures of the final product!

I switched up breakfast yesterday to try a new product I bought...
This looks like it should be a commercial.. "part of a balanced breakfast!"... haha
Enjoyed my new Kashi cereal with Oat Flakes & Blueberry Clusters with a banana... hey, if I'm skipping out on the oats, I still need that big yellow guy (TWSS?)

Along with, who else, but a cup of my morning lovah.. "Joe"

Snacked on a Gala mid morning....

Did something new for lunch too!
I've seen this wrap on a few bloggies' pages & never used the combo for lunch... Usually I paired PB & fruit with breakfast or snacktime but a PB & Banana wrap... warmed in the pan!?! Heaven!!!!
With a side of grapes... because I'm overloading on fruit

I sprinkled extra cinnamon on top too ;)

Then it was off to the gym...
I only had enough time for a quick run before I had to get back & get ready for work so I did:

45 minutes on the treadmill / 4.0 miles / 485 calories

I mixed in some intervals again... doing "2 every 2" my workout went a little something like this:

10 minute power walk warm-up at 0.0 incline
10 minute run at 0.0 incline
2 minute run at 2.0 incline
2 minute run at 4.0 incline
2 minute run at 6.0 incline
....return to 0.0 incline & "break" aka run for 2 minutes then repeat....

It's what works for me.. It keeps me from getting bored when running and challenges me more than a simple run at the same level. I felt tired but accomplished at the end of the run and that's good enough for me!

Then raced home (stopping first at Stop & Shop for walnuts!) to make my pumpkin bread recipe for work... My coworkers were veryy interested in taste testing this pumpkin bread so I figured why not whip up a loaf & bring it in??
I've actually posted this same recipe before... it came out just as delicious as the last time :) My coworkers loved it and it was gone in a matter of minutes.. Give it a go! It's a very good Fall inspired dessert or breakfast alternative...

Had a nice relaxing night after getting home from work & headed to bed pretty early...

Woke up to make the regular...


With a giant cup of Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee that I'm now enjoying as we speak...

Then it's off to the gym followed by a looong trip up to Storrs to visit Anthony :) I can't wait!!!

Have you ever done a "long" distance relationship?? Did it work well?

Although Anthony & I are only 1-1/2 or 2 hours away... we still only get to see each other once a week or once every 2 weeks if we're lucky... Because he still has an extra semester (or possibly year... ugh) in school, he's swamped with things like exams, papers, & deciding which bar to go to on a Thirsty Thursday while I (the graduate) am stressing over the complete opposite... working long hours, bills, & the occasional night out with girlfriends which usually consist of A drink... not ten $0.50 drinks on special at the bar. So sometimes it can be hard to relate... but we have a very strong relationship and care about each other very much so we make it work :)

Happy Monday!!


  1. that pb & b wrap looks KILLER!!!! as does the pumpkin bread- yummm! i like the sound of your workout- i def am going to have to try that! soo excited that you get to see your boo :)

  2. Seriously woman you are the modern day Betty Crocker. I'm not really a relationship person haha (long story) so I've never had to do the long distance thing before. Have a safe trip up to see the bf!

  3. yeah, me and my husband were a state away for the majority of the time we were dating and engaged, actually. It's hard, but if it's the right person, it'll work out :)

  4. You've got a cute blog! I'm salivating over the pumpkin bread! -Jessica

  5. long distance relationships DO work out, i assure you! as long as the love is there, you'll make it :)


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